Eurocode 2 - Concrete structure - Part 1-1: General rules and rules for buildings
The standard gives a general basis for the design of buildings and civil engineering works in reinforced and prestressed concrete made with normal weight aggregates. In addition, Part 1 gives detailed rules which are mainly applicable to ordinary buildings

Eurocode 2 - Concrete structure - Part 1-2: General rules
EN 1992-1-2 deals with the design of concrete structures for the accidental situation of fire exposure and shall be used in conjunction with EN 1992-1-1 and EN 1991-2-2. It provides additions to and identifies differences from the design of structures at normal temperatures

Eurocode 2 - Concrete structure - Part 2: Concrete bridges
Complementary to Part 1. Varied general rules and additional detailed rules for the structural design of road, rail and footbridges using reinforced and/or prestressed concrete

Eurocode 2 - Concrete structure - Part 3: Liquid retaining and containment structures
Part 3 of Eurocode 2 covers the design of structures constructed from plain or lightly reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete or prestressed concrete for the containment of liquids or granular solids and other liquid retaining structures


Strength classes for concrete to Eurocode 2